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Our Works

Main Achievements

1. Writing

Hardware Manuals
Operation and maintenance manuals for CNC machine tools (English)
Crystal Meter (Japanese and English)
Datasheet/Manual for Programmable Controllers and Sensors
RF/Micro Wave VCO Test System (Japanese and English)
Bit Error Analyzer for Mass Storage Media (Japanese and English)
Japanese insutruction manuals for AV components (home theater, network audio, DVD player, speakers, etc.)

Software Manuals
Debugger/Emulator for Embedded Processors
Digital Communication Test Set (Japanese)

2. Translation

Hardware Manuals
Engineering Workstation
CPU Emulators/Debuggers
Factory Instruments
Laser Printer
Patient Monitoring System
Blood Analysis Monitor
Fetal Monitor
Ultrasound Imaging System
Nuclear Medicine

Software Manuals
3D CAD Software (Online Help)
CG System Manual (Japanese to English)
Company Account System (Japanese to English)
Network/Spectrum Analyzer
Digital Communication Test Set
Clinical Information System
Perioperative Information System
Obstetrical Information System
ECG Management System
Ultrasound Image Management System
Documentation Center
Large-scaled Backup Solution (for UNIX and Windows)
UNIX-related Software (Administrator's Guide)
UNIX Developer's Guide
Desktop Publishing Software
InterNet Service (Administrator's Guide)
Gene Analysis System (Online Help)

Other Documents
Nuclear Engineering (English to Japanese)
ISO9000 quality manual and relevant documents (Japanese to English)
Engine valve specifications (German to Japanese)
Advertisement for Bid Format (Japanese to English)
Real Covenant Agreement (English to Japanese)
Voice-over Narrations/Subtitles for Various Promotion Videos
Financial report (Japnese to English)
On-site-distributed pamphlet for international conference (Japanese/English/German)
Localization of various websites

3. Manuals

RF LCR Meter (Japanese/English)
Insutruction manuals for AV components (home theater, network audio, DVD player, speakers, etc.) in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese
Operation and maintenance manuals for CNC machine tools (Japanese, English, German, French, Flemish, Portuguese, Chinese)
English manuals for audio software for PC
CD-ROM Search Utility
Japanese Word Processor
UNIX Operation System/Middleware (Japanese Environment)
Form Create/Manage System
Digital Still Camera Utility Software

4. Software Localization

DVD authoring software (English, 4 European languages, Chinese, Korean)
CD-R/DVD-R writing software (Korean)
Patient Monitoring System (Central Monitor, Bedside Monitor, Portable Monitor)
Ultrasound Imaging System
3D CAD Software
Screen strings of programming software for machine tools (English, French, Italian, Germany)

5. Others

Machine tool parts search/stock management system
Quotation Preparation System (Design and Implementation)
Japanese Input Method User's Guide (Format Conversion)